British Academy

剛留意到有British Academy頒獎這回事,因為看到David Lowenthal得了大獎。看了一下明單,遇上更吸引我的是:

Brian Barry Prize in Political Science
The British Academy, in partnership with Cambridge University Press and the British Journal of Political Science, awards this prize in honour of Brian Barry FBA, a founding editor of the journal. The prize is awarded annually for excellence in political science, as displayed in an unpublished essay.

The 2016 winners are:
Professor William Roberts Clark (Texas A&M University), Professor Matt Golder (Pennsylvania State University), and Professor Sona N. Golder (Pennsylvania State University) for An Exit, Voice, and Loyalty Model of Politics.


聽說電視文藝復興之說已久了,總是不得其門而入(想過從Breaking Bad開始),最後讓我沉迷的卻是英式幽默,九季的Peep Show簡直改變了我對喜劇的理解,David Mitchell和Webb二人,及後當然也讓我追看了Ambassadors。

再進入已是機上遇上的11.22.63,及人們最近時時談論的Black Mirror。也想起我喜愛的電影導演轉行,如Woody Allen的Crisis in Six Scenes和是枝裕和的回家。